Blonde brothers


Brand creation for a brewery by Bolter Design. Blonde Brothers, brought about by two brothers, make delicious, organic beer for the people by blending traditional farming and brewing methods with modern precision to create a product that is reliably delicious every sip.

Our Approach

We place the two brothers and the notion of origin at the heart of the brand. Blonde Brothers Beer is proudly organic - the ethos of the brewery is to combine the highest environmental standards with the latest technology and brewing techniques. They are on a journey to create a new standard for authenticity and sustainability in brewing. Bolter Design’s brand creation builds upon the brewery’s DNA by referencing replicas and ancient coin motifs - implying origin - whilst also alluding to the marriage of old arts with new techniques. It’s modern with bona fide ancient roots. It’s about people: from the protagonists who bring the beer to the table, to the drinkers - and all the relationships that extend from the product.


Bolter Design packaging design for Blonde Brothers
Red beer label packaging designed by Bolter Design
Blonde Brothers identity design by Bolter Design
Blonde Brothers Stationery design bolter design
BlondeBrothers_Coaster designed by Bolter Design
Blonde Brothers Paper and Card by Bolter Design
Blonde Brothers glass by Bolter Design
Bolter Design strategy for Blonde Brothers