blooming blends


Bolter Design brand creation for Blooming Blends, who provide the ultimate tincture blends designed to nourish your body and mind. We were tasked with designing a logo, identity and packaging. 

Our Approach

The brand, designed to stand out on the shelf, is defined by the eye-catching packaging which seeks to de-mystify the complex blends. Colour theory is used to communicate the effects of each of the finely tuned combination of specialist ingredients whilst making sure the look and feel remains stylish and light-hearted.

The logo is developed to imply balance and wellness throughout life– the simplified version, a nod to the cosmic and lunar environments that surround us and govern so many of our bodily cycles.

Descriptive and evocative, this identity hovers in the space between modern alchemy and science, using gradients to communicate the blurred lines and gradual changes in our outlook on life and symptoms and the small adjustments and rebalancing tools we adopt to correct these.



Bolter Design logo design Blooming Blends
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