Creating an identity for your company is essential to develop a strong and impactful brand that will stand out.

The key to that is starting the branding process with a clear direction. This brand essence questionnaire is a big part of our brand strategy process, and it’s here to help you as much as us narrow down exactly what you want your brand to represent, and how to get there.

Let’s get started!

Basic information

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What do you hope to achieve with your product/service?

What is your competition ?

Brand personification

Brand attributes

Who is your brand ?
What does your brand offer its customers ?
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Word association

What words would you like people to associate with your brand?

What image do you want to communicate?

Who are you selling to, and how?

If you haven't developed a buyer persona profile of your ideal customers, this is the first place to start.

Your buyer personas shapes almost every aspect of your brand identity!

Age - Gender - Hobby - Job - Social status - Personality
Age - Gender - Hobby - Job - Social status - Personality
Customers are often interested in a product or service that will solve a problem they have. Your customers need you because of an existing problem. Your brand identity should instantly communicate how you solve this problem. Regardless of how your brand connects with your customers, your ability to solve problems should be at the core of your brand identity.
A Unique Selling Proposition is what your business stands for. It’s what sets your business apart from others and makes your targeted audience faithful to your brand.

Additional brand information

Example: Jane Doe - Finance Director John Doe - Head Chef
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Last details

eg. colours or imagery you especially want to avoid