euston green link


Bolter Design have been involved in the brand Creation, wayfinding and strategic design thinking for Euston Green Link since the project’s conception in 2017. The route is a 1km long walkway connecting Euston Station and Regent’s Park.

Our Approach

We place sustainability at the heart of the brand message - directing people through the lesser known but vibrant and culturally diverse areas of Euston.

We broaden the lens through which we view sustainability to include a community-focused dimension. This means that we consider the carbon footprint in line with the promotion of independent businesses to bring about commercial change. We showcase the diverse cultures of Drummond St. by creating patterns and motifs into the brand’s architecture. Striking wayfinding and signing creates a sense of identity and belonging and defines three contrasting characters along the route - leading to the park.

Many of the actions are taken to mitigate the effects of the construction of HS2 - so this design scheme is about greening through intervention and education, creating clarity in wayfinding through signage and retaining the footfall along the streets around the station. In doing so we are bolstering the resources available to the independent businesses - many of whom have been trading for over 30 years.


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