Bolter Design Alice Best and Laline Sudlow


Founded in 2014 by Laline Sudlow and Alice Best.

At Bolter Design we use critical thinking, imagination and commercial understanding to energise the relationship between you, your product and your customer.

This is about more than just aesthetics. We are designers with contrasting backgrounds and this means we can look holistically at your brand’s expression and intervene to maximum effect.


How we are different

Together Alice and Lal have brought 2 and 3 dimensional design skills all under one roof supported by a core talented team within the studio.

The core talented studio team are supported by a variety of freelancers, consultants, co-creators and copywriters which ensures the projects are beautiful and give life to original concepts, no matter how abstract the ideas.

Collaboration is the key to our success, which is why we work side by side with our clients to build stronger foundations and bring about considerable commercial change.

Meet the team


Laline Sudlow

Design and execution are Lal’s game – she knows everything there is to know about print production. Her typographic talents are so impressive she’s a member of the ISTD* and has had her work published in a book. She’s an ideas person, an operator and a magician when it comes to taking what’s in our heads and putting it on paper!


Alice Best

Alice is a thinker. Her design solutions are meticulously considered. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to research and problem solving and, thanks to her background in architecture, she’s also 100% au fait with working in 2 and 3 dimensions, at any scale. And she’s worked as far afield as China, so it's fair to say she has some stellar experience to draw upon.


Chyna Sudbury

Chyna’s ideas are fresh, on trend and bold. Her knowledge of design software is second to none – making her the to go-to team member to conjure up even the most abstract concepts, with lightning speed.


Isabelle de Marnix

Isabelle is the youngest member of the team. Her Belgian background and previous business and marketing education give her creative work a dimension that is comprehensive, elegant and strategy-driven.

*International Society of Typographic Designers



Workshop Exploration
Sector Research
Competitor Analysis
Product Analysis
Tone of Voice
Art Direction


Brand Identity
Point of Sale
Identity Guidelines
Print Collateral
Launch Collateral
Book Design


Exhibition Design
Pop-Up Design
Restaurant Design
Retail Design
Product Design
Shelving + Displays
Signage + Wayfinding


Digital Marketing
Social Media