To design an interactive, kilometre long route running from Euston Station to Regent’s Park and to mitigate the damage caused by HS2 during construction for the local business communities and the public. 

Our Approach

Through intervention we slow people down, embracing the community and enhancing human interaction. This project brings to life the multi-faceted environments that exist on Drummond St. Architectural interventions include designated seating areas, painted walkways, large scale mirrors that track sun-paths and street food vending stations. These are distributed in and around curated art works* that bring to life the history of the street and acknowledge the environmental sacrifices we make for our built environment - and what we can do to improve our air quality. 

Artworks curated by MTArt. 


Wellbeing Walk strategy
Wellbeing Walk Output 01
Wellbeing Walk Barber Shop
Wellbeing Walk Output 02
Wellbeing Walk output 3
Wellbeing Walk output 04